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Sunday Morning Blitz: Spend your Easter eating pizza with the Head Ball Coach


It’s Easter Sunday and we have another edition of the Sunday Morning Blitz. One of the big stories in the NFL right now concerns the situation in Buffalo with potential people interested in buying the Bills. One name who has popped up as of late, according to the Buffalo News, is former quarterback and Pro […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: Get your workout in with Phil Simms

Ready for a workout, Jim? (Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s another Sunday and we have another Blitz. The story in Cleveland focuses on center Alex Mack, who signed a contract extension with the Browns. In entertainment news, one of the big movies out this weekend is Rio 2, the Dreamworks animated film starring Jesse….I MEAN…Draft Day with Kevin Costner. The Atlantic has an article […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: No fire code violations here

STRONG FIRE EXTINGUISHER TAKE (Screenshot via YouTube/Summit Entertainment)

It’s now April, which means we have about another month until the NFL Draft. Yes folks, it will be taking place during the month of May. One of the big stories of the weekend is the contract extensions for both Super Bowl coaches. John Fox got his contract extension from Denver, while Pete Carroll got […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: Hangout at the Diet Pepsi vending machine

(Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s another Sunday and hey almost April time. Baseball season starts very soon. And after baseball starts, we’ll get football, but that won’t be for awhile. So…stay patient! One of the big stories in the league this week was the death of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson. A private funeral was held Saturday in Detroit […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: Catch the Pennzoil with Kenny Stabler

(Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s another Sunday, here’s what has been going on around the NFL as of late. Much of the talk in New York has been about the signing of Michael Vick to the Jets. On the flip side, there’s also talk about Mark Sanchez being released. Speaking of the Jets, it looks like quarterback Greg McElroy […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: Have some All Sport with Jerry Rice and Steve Young

DRINK UP, GUYS! (Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s another Sunday and we’re back with another Blitz post. The free agency period is in full swing and will likely continue to be for at least a few more weeks. The big free agency story this weekend has been the Packers signing defensive player Julius Peppers, formerly of the Bears. Speaking of former Bears […]

Bucs New Uniforms Are Out of This World

bucs old uniforms

Let’s rename them the Space Pirates! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new Nike uniforms and they are something! Some highlights: Chrome borders that glow. Please tell me we’re going to start having black-lit games. Modern numbers “inspired by historical Buccaneer blade carvings” or as this guy muses, 1990s alarm clock numbers. Bay Orange highlights, […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: Gannon and the floating picture frames

Look out behind you, Rich! (Screenshot via YouTube)

Hey look, it’s March. See February went by fast and hey it’s still cold and stuff, but whatever. As free agency draws closer (March 11), the salary cap is ready for the new season. Darren Sharper was fired by the NFL Network Friday, according to the New York Daily News. The Florida Times Union has […]

NFL Combine 2014: Absurd Awards

Maybe you’ve already heard too much about the Combine, or maybe you haven’t heard anything. That’s okay, because you definitely haven’t heard of these superfluous awards. Best Facial Expression. I really want these eight to start a boy band. Best finish.  Kenny Ladler couldn’t put on the breaks after his 40 yard dash but closed […]

Sunday/Weekend Blitz: Now with more 40 times

Ahhh yes, who can forget. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Ahh yes, it’s another weekend without the NFL. I bet you’re all breathing deeply into paper bags, especially since the Olympics are pretty much over. But hey, I’m sure you can watch NASCAR or something, if that’s your thing. And yes, I plan to keep tormenting you all. For those of you who can’t live […]

What might happen at the NFL Combine this year?


This year’s Combine takes place from February 19–25 in Indianapolis. To prepare you, here are some things that could totally happen. 1. Snow day. The entire combine will be canceled due to the Polar Vortex and teams will draft players based on the time-honored method, “closing your eyes and pointing.” 2. Players will be given bonus […]

What to do on Sundays now that football season is over


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Monday Blitz: Sam comes out, the reaction

Michael Sam (#52)

The first Sunday without football gave us a pretty big headline! Michael Sam was a defensive end with the Missouri Tigers, an All-American defensive lineman and the Associated Press’ SEC Defensive Player of the Year.  And Sunday, Sam came out in an interview with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” When drafted this spring, Sam will become the first […]

Sunday Morning Blitz: The first Sunday without football

It's either a tennis ball or the sun. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Hi. If you’re planning to tune in and watch some football, you’ll probably be disappointed. There are no games on today. None, zip, nada! The Pro Bowl? That was played two weeks ago. Where were you? The season is over! GO HOME! Get some sleep! Shovel your sidewalk! Do something! Do something productive! You’re free […]

Wednesday Morning Blitz: Not Over the Super Bowl

russel and bey

The Super Bowl may be over, but we’re not finished talking about it. John Elway got a little fiery at his end of the year press conference yesterday.  Demaryius Thomas made 13 catches for the Broncos on Sunday, all with a separated shoulder. What did we learn from Super Bowl 48? Here are 10 takeaways. Not […]