What you should know about MotoGP

September 2, 2019Lifestyle Standard

Participating in MotoGP is an exciting adventure for the professional riders. The riders are very passionate about the Grand Pixes despite the cost associated with these races and the motorbikes too. Putting up a MotoGP bike could cost you an arm and a leg as it could be as high as $ 3,000,000. No matter the risks involved in the tracks and the MotoGP, the professional riders are very passionate about the sport. The speed of the bikes, the big machines, and the excitement that comes with these races are the motivating factors behind the sport. The following are some of the costs involved in a MotoGP;

Overall MotoGP cost

To participate in a MotoGP, the professional riders must part with $ 2M to $ 3.5M. This is to equip their bikes for the Grand Pixies.’ A good portion of the cost is spent towards making changes and upgrading systems of the motorcycles. Motorbikes suited for MotoGP cost a lot, and you can be guaranteed of the quality of the bikes though you will spend millions of dollars on them. However, you can opt to acquire simple MotoGP bike for $ 80,000 onwards.

Other than the cost involved in buying the bikes, you have to budget for the insurance costs as a single accident can cost up to $ 100,000.In MotoGP, what title sponsor means is that they finance the motorbike sports events as they market their products to the world through displaying colors and logos on all event accessories. Title sponsorship cost ranges from $ 7M – 18M.

The expensive materials costs

MotoGP bikes have to be light in weight, and strong enough to withstand the terrain and the high speeds. Carbon fiber material used to build these bikes is quite expensive as compared to steel. On an average, a pound of carbon fiber will cost $ 10 whereas a pound of steel will cost about $ 1.To make the bikes lighter, you will have to use exotic and expensive materials like magnesium and titanium. These materials are used to build the better part of the bikes like the chassis and the engine, which is the bike itself.

Bikes Rare Parts

Building a MotoGP bike involves minimal parts which equally affects the bike prices. Production of a CBR 100RR involves producing several motorbikes parts like shocks and brakes whereby each piece is costly. Every rider may want some of the parts custom made, and this translates into higher costs. A bike front folks can cost as much as $ 15,000, and the engine expenses as much as $ 220,000.


MotoGP is a thrilling spot and can cost an arm and a leg to sponsor an event. The cost of the MotoGP is equally high due to research, the technology involved in building the bikes and the cost of exotic materials used. Title sponsors play a crucial role in making such event successful as much as they market their products too.



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