What makes the ultimate sports restaurant?

July 26, 2016News Standard

We’ve been blessed with them for years, but if someone was to ask you what the formula was for the ultimate sports bar or restaurant you’d probably return something of a blank look.

The truth is, some have got it, while others just haven’t. However, there are certain features that can transform an average restaurant, into one of the best sports restaurants around.

We’ve analyzed some of the best bars of this ilk in the country over the last few months, and our conclusion for any budding restauranteur is simple – the following list can help you make the perfect restaurant to attract sports fans.


You only have to walk into The Hall in Dallas, owned by Robert J Sambol, to realize the importance of sports memorabilia.

Sure, it’s not going to replace great food any day (and on that note, make sure you try the steak at said establishment), but it adds a certain charm that can just bring the sports theme right home.

Particularly if you are from the area, seeing signed jerseys and anything else just whets the appetite. It almost feels as though these players have stepped foot into the establishment although on a lot of occasions, they actually have.

Screens, screens and more screens

Really, this should have been top of the list. No sports bar is complete without screens – and a lot of them. Whether you opt for the giant projector screen on the main wall, or lots of smaller ones situated around – you can’t officially have the “sports bar” status without plenty of these mulling around.

If someone can’t watch the game, they ain’t coming to your sports bar.

Staff who know the game

Sure, service is always going to be key in any restaurant. When it comes to one of the sports variety though, visitors are always going to appreciate having a discussion with any employees on the latest game.

If you can deck your bar out full of people who know sport and are happy to talk about it – you’ll have visitors coming back for more and more. Also, it means that they can come along on their own – any bar which promotes this is onto a winner.

Something to attract the rest of the family

As we all know, sport isn’t for everyone.

Try putting a toddler in front of the game for hours on end – it’s probably going to end in tears.

It means that the very best sports bars out there occasionally throw a few surprises with some of the features.

We’re talking about games for the kids, perhaps air hockey, or just something to keep the little ones entertained for as long as the game stays on for.

Like it or not, most of the big games are shown at weekend or evenings when the whole family is at home. It means that unless you put something out there to attract everyone (and of course great food will always fall into this category) you’re not going to be a suitable venue every week for some families.

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