Ways to Improve Your Snowboarding Skills to Become an Instructor

June 1, 2019Advice Standard

You cannot be a snowboard instructor if you are not yet ready. As always, you cannot give what you do not have in the first place. Therefore, if you want to be a competent instructor, you need to find ways to improve yourself. It is also embarrassing to teach students who are way better than you are. These tips will help hone your skills before you take the job.


Enrol in expert courses


You can find snowboarding courses for different skill levels. If you want to receive mentorship from experts, you can enrol in some courses meant for advanced snowboarders like you. It helps to know the various skills in snowboarding before you take the instructor post. You will find snowboarding experts who have been doing it for most of their lives, and they will not hesitate to give you some tricks and tips.


Practice alone


You need to spend more time outdoors to practice snowboarding. You can also apply the tips you learned from your mentor or from watching tutorial videos online. You might think that those moves are easy, but you will never know unless you go out and try them in the snow.


Be physically fit


When you snowboard as a hobby, you can decide how long you are going to spend practising. It is not the same when you become an instructor. You might have to teach several classes a day depending on the number of students who made appointments at a given time. If you are not physically fit, it could be challenging. You will give up after one or two sessions.


Get yourself used to the temperature


Again, as an instructor, you need to spend several hours outdoors. It is crucial that you get used to the temperature since you will face these harsh conditions when you are teaching your students. Spend time walking outside even if you have no reason for heading out; unless during extreme weather conditions it is unsafe.


Learn how to teach


It is one thing to have an idea about what to teach, but it takes a different skill to know how to teach. You might be a good snowboarder, but you cannot transfer this skill to other people. It is crucial that you also practise how to teach students, especially when they have different attitudes towards snowboarding. Some of them might decide to enrol in a course because they love doing it. Others might try it because their parents pressured them to do so. Either way, you need to vary your teaching method to encourage them to keep practising.


Now that you have tried various ways to prepare yourself to become a snowboard instructor, you need to start looking for a suitable job. There are not a lot of instructors today, but there are many students who are willing to learn. It will not be difficult for you to find a job that will also pay you well.



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