Walk or Ride? Transport on the Course

May 18, 2016Advice Standard

One of the great pleasures of golfing, aside from playing the sport, is enjoying time on a beautiful course. If you own or manage a golf course, you may be wondering if it’s best to supply golf buggies for your customers, or if you should encourage walking. While some people choose to walk, many golfers believe riding gives them the best chance to enjoy the green grass and open spaces and also carry their clubs. If you want to encourage your customers to return often and recommend your course, one of the best things you can do is provide high-quality vehicles to enhance your customers’ experience.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

While there are many golf buggies to choose from, it’s important to decide on the right one. A vehicle should be comfortable for riders, with enough room to hold clubs and other gear. You also want to choose a buggy that will perform well and enhance your customers’ golfing experience. There are several models offered by MTS Golf & Utility Vehicles that meet all these requirements. For example, the Precedent i2L model is specially designed to keep riders comfortable going up and down the hills on a golf course. It’s designed to keep the rain off riders and away from sensitive controls, and it is highly manoeuvrable.

If you truly want to go all out and set your course apart from the competition, you can provide your customers with a futuristic design. Some advanced vehicles come with a mobile information system, displayed on a weatherproofed LCD screen. This is a feature that customers really enjoy, which means you will see a fast return on your investment when you add them to your course. Additionally, some models come with a built-in feature that only allows the vehicles to drive on paths you designate.

You don’t have to worry about customers taking the buggies where they shouldn’t. A tracking device inside the vehicle allows you to monitor your cars, and send messages if necessary to encourage a faster speed of play. Advanced models may also include an interactive system that allows customers to pre-order food in the clubhouse. Offering your customers innovative solutions greatly increases the probability that they will choose to hire a vehicle rather than walk during their time on the course.

Properly Outfitting Your Course

Part of managing a course is helping customers have the best golfing experience. Offering high-quality and reliable golf buggies is one part of this. When you give your customers access to advanced carts that increase their comfort and add to their overall enjoyment of the experience, they are likely to return to your course time and again. Additionally, encouraging your customers to ride rather than walk helps you maintain the beauty of your course. This is especially true with vehicles like those from MTS Golf & Utility Vehicles, with built-in location devices that let you decide where the carts are allowed to drive. Providing your customers with high-quality vehicles can help them make the decision between walking or riding, as well as help you in your course management duties.

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