Ukrainian Table Tennis Becomes Biggest Draw for Sports Bettors

April 20, 2020Tennis Standard

With the lack of major sports events taking place now, some of the lesser-known and followed sports have managed to grab the attention of sports fans and bettors alike. This includes table tennis, and, to be more specific, Ukrainian table tennis! The world’s gamblers have been looking for alternate places to make their bets, and this is one of the few remaining sectors that is continuing on with its events.

Moscow’s Liga Pro and Ukraine’s Setka Cup are just two table tennis tournaments that have caught the attention of sports bettors everywhere, having previously received very little recognition in general. However, with names like Valentin Polusmuak, Serhii Semenets and Georgiy Vahnin Vladimirovich now coming to the forefront of sports betting, could they remain in such a position when major sports start up again?

Maybe, maybe not. Yet, this has also provided a great option for sportsbooks like Tipico to provide odds on formerly kept-in-the-shadows table tennis games. There’s even a Tipico bonus code that bettors can make use of in order to place wagers on those tournaments taking place. With that, new members of the Tipico platform are able to receive a 100% bonus on top of their initial deposit of €10 or more. There’s up to €100 available through the offer, which you can put to use on table tennis games, such as the ones taking place in the Setka Cup.

Eastern European Table Tennis Leads the Way

While a few other minor sports are continuing on, such as Indonesian volleyball and Russian soccer, the table tennis sector seems to be leading the way in the current climate. At least where sports bettors are concerned.

Of course, these table tennis leagues and tournaments can’t really be considered as elite sports. After all, no players within the Russian or Ukrainian leagues are ranked inside the world’s top 50, which is dominated by Chinese, German and Korean players. Yet, these tournaments and connected games are proving to be most popular at the moment. They’re providing an alternate betting outlet for avid sports bettors who can’t wager on their usual favourite sporting events.

Of course, it will be interesting to see what happens once cricket and football and rugby return to the fold. Will these table tennis leagues once again disappear into the depths of obscurity? Or could it be that this time period will generate a whole host of new fans that will continue to wager on their outcomes in the future?

For the time being, every major online sportsbook is providing their members with the opportunity to bet on these table tennis games, with extensive markets being available. Granted, this has drawn some much-needed focus for the tournaments taking place in Russia and Ukraine. Naturally, table tennis holds general appeal because it’s easy to understand and form lines are also easy to keep a track of. While some have suggested eSports are a better way to go, others have stated that this type of betting isn’t quite as comprehensible and there’s a fear that the outcomes of matches could be fixed.


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