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Top Children’s Sports For Head Injuries

March 19, 2020Advice Standard

Enrolling your children in team sports can provide a long list of positive outcomes for your kids.  Kids that play team sports learn about perseverance, commitment, hard work, and more.


However, there are inherent dangers involved in most team sports, particularly contact sports.  One of the most serious types of injuries is a head injury.  Head injuries can lead to a slew of other health issues.


It’s important that you fully understand the potential risk before signing your kids up for contact sports.  Take a moment to read through a quick look at some of the most dangerous children’s sports in terms of head injuries.




Lacrosse is a sport that is rising in popularity among high schools in the nation.  Lacrosse is definitely a contact sport, and players commonly suffer injuries to the ankles, knees, and head.  The most common injury above the waist is a concussion.




There’s no mystery in the nature of the sport of boxing.  Hitting is a way of life in the sport, and head injuries are the most common type of pain suffered by boxers of all shapes and sizes.  Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a real concern when choosing the path of boxing as a sport.  Over time, boxing can lead to permanent brain injuries.




Football involves contact, on purpose, every play of the game.  It’s important to give your child top-of-the-line protection by providing the best gear possible when you choose football as their sport.  Lots of kids play football growing up, but it’s crucial that parents understand the true risk of such a non-stop contact sport.




Over the past couple of decades, the sport of cheerleading has changed a lot.  Acrobatics are becoming inseparable from the sport.  However, with throws and other crafty additions to today’s cheerleading routines, there is a heightened risk of injury.


Horseback riding


Riding horseback can teach your child many different lessons, while granting a niche interest that will last a lifetime.  The truth of the sport is that there are significant risks of injury.  Head injuries are the leading reason for horseback riders to be sent to the hospital.




Baseball is a sport that kids have been playing for decades.  It’s America’s favorite pastime, but baseball can be dangerous.  Being hit by a baseball flying through the air at 50-60 miles per hour can cause serious injury to a child.  Head injuries are common in baseball, so it’s wise to invest in quality headgear.




Skiing down a fresh blanket of snow on your favorite slopes is one of life’s beautiful moments.  However, skiing or snowboarding can be extremely risky for your body.  Young people should always have protective headgear while taking part in the sport of skiing/snowboarding.

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