The Fight to Bring a Sportsbook to the Casino Should Press On

February 26, 2018News Standard

While we flock to Las Vegas in order to take part in sports betting, it’s not as widely available outside of that.  You can seek out understanding the different ways betting odds can be displayed for help on knowing what you’re betting on, but short of going on international websites that are not exactly legal, it can be argued that sports betting should be legalized to bring in even more revenue to the casinos and cities they are housed in in.  A recent poll in 2017 from the Washington Post and the University of Massachusetts Lowell shows that 55% majority of adults in the US approve of legalizing betting on pro sporting events, and I have a feeling we will start to see more of the conversation brought up in many states that seek to bring into the casinos they already have in place

The Scandals

That’s not to say that sports betting has had any reason to be easily legalized outside of Las Vegas, and certainly has had its share of problems.  Probably the most famous was the 1919 World Series between Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds, of which eight members of the White Sox were paid by a professional gambler to throw the series, of which those eight players were banned for life.  In more recent times, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for betting on games while he was still a manager.  While I guess there really would be no way to regulate keeping anyone from placing bets, it’s an interesting topic that usually comes up when it comes to betting on professional sports.

Can Virtually Bet on Anything

With the Super Bowl a couple of weeks out and still fresh in our minds after the great win by the Eagles over the Patriots, there were plenty of prop-bets that were a topic of conversation, such as the over/under length of the National Anthem, who would score first touchdown, not to mention passing, receiving, and rushing yards, in addition to the total points and spread, the possibilities were seemingly endless, and I can’t imagine how busy the sportsbooks were in Vegas.  If only we had them in our casinos, while Vegas would no doubt feel the burden, at least we wouldn’t have to place bets with friends that are there, or logging onto a website to place.  At least if they were here our city would reap the benefits by increased revenue from betting, plus filling its gaming areas, restaurants, and bars even more.  Maybe I’m bias, but I don’t see how it could go wrong, other than me giving away a large chunk of my hard-earned money to the casinos.

It Could be Coming

In the United States, sports betting could start to be more prevalent in talks about putting on voting ballots, as many believe that it should be regulated by state laws as opposed to federal regulations.  While trips to Las Vegas would still be an occurrence, the need would not be as often if sports betting were allowed in the remaining casinos.

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