The Evolution Of Mobile Betting

May 19, 2020Lifestyle Standard

Betting has always been a huge part of sports as it gives fans a way to directly interact with the games that are being played and perhaps feel some achievement and reward for doing so – but as technology has developed, so have many of our habits and the ways we interact with things along the way too, and that includes sports betting in an era of smartphones and mobile devices – with connectivity increasing, and the latest being 5G which is just around the corner for many, connectivity will continue to provide a strong base for this growth.

The biggest change has been the shift from a brick and mortar location to the handiness of using our mobile device at discretion – one of the bigger restrictions prior to the introduction of widespread mobile betting may have been found simply with access, depending on the bet you’d like to place and the sport you’re looking to bet on, you may have been restricted in the way you could bet, but with mobile devices the access is seemingly unlimited – any sport,  any time, any service, simply click on the app and you’re away to bet whenever you’d like. This has led to a huge increase in mobile betting – one recent example that can be found is within combat sports as the UFC 249 event which took place on May 9th had been regarded as the most bet UFC event in history – this is in part helped along by lockdown measures which restricted fans from betting in any other way, but it also does go to show just how accessible mobile betting is and how access has changed.


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The same is also true for other forms of betting – namely in online casinos as they have grown to become one of the most popular forms of mobile gaming. There are still some credit card casinos that operate, but there are also many that have evolved alongside betting sites and offer options such as crypto deposits and other forms of more anonymous payment alongside methods of anonymous registration that removes part of the restriction that could be found within traditional services. 

The lockdown efforts during the spread of the coronavirus may provide a perfect opportunity to see just how far mobile betting has come – it’s expected that most brick and mortar locations will remain closed for the foreseeable future as within the UK it is expected that they will remain closed until July at the earliest, and now sporting events are getting underway as the Bundesliga football league in Germany has already begun and it is expected that the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A will be underway shortly – as well as other events that are close by such as the Royal Ascot for racing and as previously mentioned a long list of UFC events that have been taking place – as with other areas of business there could slowly be a more permanent shift toward digital betting as it continues to be the most popular way to bet.

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