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July 31, 2022Lifestyle Standard

Every visitor and resident of Basel can visit a true Irish pub without leaving Switzerland. Discover Auld Dubliner. Auld Dubliner is always glad to welcome Basel’s guests by representing them a piece of authentic Irish culture. Explore true Celtic authenticity in Basel’s downtown!

Enjoy atmosphere

Google and you’ll learn that there are around 7,000 Irish-themed pubs worldwide. They are all trying to convey an authentic Irish atmosphere through their interiors. Many facilities succeed but many fail because it’s difficult to make people feel this without paying enough effort.

Luckily for the sports bar in Basel, Auld Dubliner, Mel McNally was involved in designing the pub. His prolonged experience helped the specialist to create Irish designs with the use of modern techniques. Auld Dubliner isn’t his first pub project and we dare say it cannot be the last one because such specialists will always be demanded. He boosted the final interior by true bric a brac brought to Basel from all over Ireland and now decorating the pub!

Irish authenticity is soaking every inch of this building. In addition to the visuals, visitors enjoy sounds. Famous Irish rack and folk bands sound natural within the walls of this building. Enjoy drinking and listening to them!

Enjoy foods and drinks

Looking for a new gastronomic experience? Auld Dubliner is the best place for this. It offers an extensive menu of both drinks and dishes. If you are a beer enjoyer, taste 14 variations of unique crafted beer and 34 types of bottled beers. Prefer other alcoholic drinks? Feel free to order wines, spritz, whiskey, gins, rums, liquors, and more. Want to spend your free time without drinking alcohol? You are welcome – enjoy the selection of non-alcoholic beers!

What you really need to taste is the Guinness stout. Its rich history dates back to 1759 – workers of Arthur’s brewery crafted the black drink that became the entire brand of the Irish culture. You cannot miss such an opportunity to try it in Auld Dubliner!

Enjoy events

Auld Dubliner is always full of visitors but the biggest number of guests is present during special occasions. Can you guess which occasion is the most popular one? Of course we mean St. Patrick’s Day!

Except for special occasions, we recommend visiting Auld Dubliner on weekends. Watch sports of the highest quality and pull for your favourite football and rugby team!

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