Should You Chase Your Sports Betting Losses?

April 20, 2020Advice Standard

Sports betting is something that will never be a 100% guarantee where being victorious is concerned. While it would be nice to think that every sports betting wager you place will provide a pay-off, that’s not always the case. There’s no telling how a game or match will proceed once it’s in-play, so, it’s a common query from some bettors as to whether it’s appropriate to chase your sports betting losses.

Some gamblers are quite convinced that they are able to beat the house by doubling up their bets following a loss. And while that does seem like a potentially logical way to behave (with the process even having its own name – the Martingale system), is it really all that beneficial to sports bettors?

The Martingale system mentioned is usually attributed to people who bet on roulette games, for example. This is because roulette requires basic betting options, such as betting on red or black or odd and even wins. So, the math on doubling up your wagers after losses with such is simple to follow. Sports betting is different though, because different odds are provided on different sports and events.

Additionally, some sports bettors don’t keep any sort of tally and just boost up their bet following a loss by a non-specific percentage. Granted, this can potentially pay-off, but there’s nothing certain about it again.

It Can Be Dangerous

While it’s true that utilising such a system with sports betting can work, it can also be exceptionally dangerous to put in motion. Anyone who believes that they’re not going to lose more than two or three times in a row with their sports bets isn’t being honest with themselves. Even the best gamblers in the world aren’t good enough to avoid losing streaks of more. This is why it’s always appropriate to go into sports betting without a mindset that you’re always going to win.

Yet, today’s sports betting world is much more diverse than it used to be, giving you more places to chase your losses. Sites like Ladbrokes incorporate a wide range of sports and connected events, and speaking of that sportsbook, a Ladbrokes promo code is also available to utilise. This gives you a £20 bonus to make use of whenever you make a deposit for the first time and wager at least £5. So, if you want to go ahead with this, then you’ll at least have a back-up in the form of the £20 free bet, should you lose that first wager.

Sportsbooks are also becoming a lot more legal around the world, so it’s easier to get access to licensed and regulated platforms where you can engage in sports betting. Obviously, you will also need to keep control of your own bankroll upon registering for a sportsbook. There’s zero point in blowing your full balance on a single wager, because then what do you have to go on if it is a losing one? Think smart about it and make sure that you inform yourself on the games taking place prior to placing a bet.

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