Recreational Sporting Interests For The Rugged Dude

November 4, 2019Advice Standard

It’s true that no sport is solely a man’s or woman’s sport.  It’s also true that there are sports which are heavily dominated by men.  Some dudes just like to get rough and tumble, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so in sports.  


If you’re looking for an opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping, there are several sporting activities which will acquiesce your request.  Check out a brief look at some recreational sporting interests to suit the rugged dude, and get out there and break stuff.  


Try your hand at drag racing 


Drag racing is one of the most raw ways to evoke the power of adrenaline in your blood.  It’s advisable that you refrain from street racing, as you could end up in a lot of legal trouble from a car accident.  You could also end up in jail for your participation in street racing.  


Stick to the legal bounds of things, and travel the path of drag racing.  If you find that you’re good at racing, you could really make some money in competition.  


Boxing is a contact sport


Sometimes a little physical aggression is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s okay to release anger and frustration through physical contact, but you should do it in a  controlled environment.  


You don’t get arrested for punching a dude in the ring.  Save your angst and struggle for the ring, and channel it through your fist to the other guy’s face.  


Spend time stinking up the woods


Get yourself out into the throws of nature, and take your hunting rifle.  Spending hours in silence out in the woods sounds like a dream for some dudes.  


The raw elements and the carnal nature of the hunt suffice a man’s primal urges in ways other activities just can’t.  Hunting isn’t for everyone, but it may be right up your alley.  


Watersports can get pretty gnarly


The thrill of the chase will keep your heart pumping year after year when you’re gliding at high speeds over open waters.  Wakeboarding and surfing are two watersports that will give your whole body a workout while presenting some pretty excellent situations.  You won’t have time to feel stressed or worried about life when you’re upside down in the throws of the ocean. Get your wetsuit, and take some time for yourself out on the water.  


Street basketball is a free-for-all


If you’re simply looking to get down and dirty on the streets, pick up a basketball.  There’s always a chance to rough it out with the boys on the court.  Find some time to go head to head with the best dudes in the neighborhood, and release the beast within.  

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