Need to Add More Cardio in Your Life? Fun Ways to Do It

August 3, 2017Advice Standard

Most people are aware of how important cardio is to their body. It improves the overall health of the heart, it is excellent for the metabolism, it can help a person recover from injury, and can even help to manage certain diseases and illnesses. Even knowing all of that, cardio is still one of those things most people are lacking in, as it’s not usually something people look forward to doing.


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So, what if you could find cardio activities that are great for your health but don’t feel like a cardio workout? Do these even exist? The good news is that there are a number of ways you can engage in cardio activity that won’t feel as though you’re working out, yet you will be getting all of the benefits of cardio exercise.

Break Out the Roller Skates

If you thought that roller skating faded along with the 1970s it’s time to think again! This sport is enjoying something of a reawakening with people re-discovering it or discovering it for the first time. All you have to do is take a look at how popular roller skating derbies are, particularly with women, and it’s clear this activity is back in a big way.

As far as the health benefits go, roller skating can be compared to jogging. It’s effective at fat burning, is a cross-training exercise, it strengthens the heart, helps to build muscle in your legs and arms, and so much more. The good news is that you don’t need much equipment to get started in this sport either. You’ll need proper fitting roller skates for women or men, and a few key items of safety gear (helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and kneepads).

Hiking – Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Cardio is one of those activities that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, so when the weather is right why not take it outside? Hiking is a fabulous way to explore the outdoors, enjoy nature, and improve your own personal health. You can either hike on your own, or with family/friends and make it more of a social activity. Just be sure to wear the proper footwear that gives you the most grip and support on uneven terrain.

Daily Walks are a Must

Did you know that just a 10-minute walk is enough to improve your heart? What this means is that any time you can walk somewhere you will be doing your body a whole lot of good. Walking is ideal for those who aren’t used to cardio activities and are looking for a way to get started that is safe and relatively simple. As you start to increase your cardio endurance you can go for long walks and pick up your pace.

Plenty of Possibilities to Explore

Cardio is one of those activities that can be achieved in all different ways. Even simple things such as gardening, housecleaning, and taking a dance class, all count towards cardio. Any time you get moving and increase your heart rate, you’re taking part in a cardio activity.

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