Martin Brundle, Lewis Hamilton & epic title race: Most memorable moments of F1 2021 season so far

November 25, 2021Racing Standard

With just two Grand Prixs left – the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix & the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – now might just be a great time to take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the 2021 Formula 1 season.


There has certainly been an array of different things to have happened over the course of the season thus far, however that is what makes the motorsport one of the most interesting sports to continually take place on the yearly schedule.


We have identified just a handful of the most memorable moments from the season, although not every single one is down to the racing that has been provided on each of the racetracks that have been competed on so far.


A proper title fight has ensued


It could be argued that the 2016 Formula 1 season was the last time that we saw a truly epic fight for the title take place at the top of the leaderboard, as Nico Rosberg won the biggest prize available by a solitary five points in that year ahead of Lewis Hamilton.


The following season saw another somewhat close battle between two drivers go the distance, as the British racer managed to edge Sebastien Vettel by a difference of 46 points (we said somewhat), however since then it has been a one-horse race as Hamilton has raced laps ahead of everyone in the standings.


The 2021 F1 season, though, has finally given fans and even competitors something to get behind, as Max Verstappen and Hamilton continue to fight it out and go neck-and-neck with each other as we head into the final two races. Indeed, at this moment it is anybody’s guess as to who comes out on top, but it has left for a rather interesting bet to be made available at Unibet Indiana regarding the possible outcome involving the final conclusion to the campaign in December.


Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Sao Paulo


One of the freshest moments many will remember from the 2021 F1 season was Hamilton’s performance in the Brazilian Grand Prix that took place in November.


Mercedes had been blown away during the American and Mexican Grand Prix and were in desperate need of a win in Sao Paulo if they were to keep their hopes of winning the title once again. However, it seemed that the team, and Hamilton, in particular, were facing all kinds of adversity.


After he smashed qualifying and landed P1, he was hit with the drama surrounding the 0.2mm discrepancy of his rear wing’s DRS aperture, which led to him being dropped back 20 places on the grid.


He overtook 15 cars to finish fifth before being dropped to 10th on the grid because he used his fifth ICE of the season, but despite all the despair and problems faced, he managed to overtake 10 cars on his way to securing his 101st career victory and put the title race firmly back on.


Martin Brundle and grid walks


The grid walk is something many fans will have missed since 2019 because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but this season’s brought us some perfect action courtesy of Sky F1’s Martin Brundle.


Known for doing his grid walks for the last quarter of a century or so, the former race driver has weaved in and out of crowds and getting the latest thoughts of those that he can find on his journey. However, there were two moments that happened in Austin at the United States of America Grand Prix that many will remember forever.


Firstly, he approached Serena Williams on two occasions but seemed to get blown off on both occasions, to which he quipped “it’s a double-fault”, whilst his encounter with rap superstar Megan Thee Stallion was one for the ages.


Megan appeared ready to talk to Brundle as they briefly spoke about a possibility of a rap being made about the F1, however before he could continue the discussion any further, a member of her entourage appeared to have heard enough and pushed the pundit away. Claiming that the individual responsible looked like “Draco Malfoy” from Harry Potter after being told he could not just go around and interview anyone he liked, Brundle simply stated, “I can do that because I did”.


With two more races still to go, expect to see some more memorable moments take place!

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