Key Points to Consider While Betting on Snooker

December 13, 2019Advice Standard

To some of you, snooker may still be an unfamiliar kind of game. However, it is quite possible that some of you are getting the hang of it and even willing to bet on the game from time to time. That is why today we are going to talk about the types of bets that are the most common in snooker. Besides, if you still wonder where you can place your bets, at you will find a trusted platform to consider.

Snooker Betting Options

The fact that snooker is not that widely recognized does not mean there are any less betting options to choose from – quite on the contrary.

Match Bets

Just like with any other popular kind of sports, match betting is the most widely spread option in snooker too. The main idea of this betting type is that you bet on one of the players to win the game. However, when compared to such popular games as football or hockey, there is no draw in snooker match betting. In case it happens so that the score is even, then the players are supposed to face each other over the last black ball.


Another popular snooker bet type is handicap betting. This betting type allows you to even out the odds when it is quite clear who is going to be the winner.

Over/Under Bets

In order to place an over or under bet, you need to know both the game and your players well. The main point of over or under betting is to predict when a game will end. For instance, if you place your bet on under 7.5 frames, the game must end within 8 frames for you to win. The same rule applies to the over 7.5 fame bet. In this case, the game should last for at least 8 frames for you to get your win.

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