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How Nutrition Has Extended Pro Careers

October 3, 2017Advice Standard

Professionals need to remain focused to stay on top of their game. Regardless of their specialty, a professional can only excel if they take the proper steps beforehand.

While a lot of this has to do with studying and training in their field or game of choice, nutrition also plays a role. Being healthy means less downtime, more energy, and a greater chance at success.

Nutrition is an evolving science with diet, exercise, sleep habits, and many other factors playing a role in how healthy a person can become. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle offers long-term rewards for professionals who want to go as far as they can with their craft.

What Benefits Does Nutrition Offer?

Being in good health is less about being free of ailments and more about having nutrition levels that are conducive to long-term wellness.

A person may never have to go to the doctor or take medicine, but their health can still suffer if they don’t have great habits. A balanced diet and good exercise regimen provide benefits like increased energy and even improved cognitive activity.

Like long games of sport or other endeavors that require constant focus, these activities are much easier when a person is healthy and alert. You don’t need to be an athlete to see the benefits of good nutrition. Anyone from Olympic medalist and fastest man on earth Usain Bolt to six time World Series of Poker winner Daniel Negreanu can use proper nutrition to perform at their highest level.

The Value of Nutrition for Professionals

Anyone who aims to be the best at a sport, game, or pastime usually focuses their efforts on learning the rules and strategies to help them excel.

Every endeavor is different, and demands a different type of focus from the individual. However, good nutrition is something that transcends industry and classification, providing widespread benefits for individuals from all walks of life.

From professional athletes to high-ranking poker players looking to capture big winnings, anyone can go further if they have good health. Professional Texas Hold’em players are perfect examples of professionals who seemingly play cards with little physical exertion for a living. The opposite is true.

At poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker, players sit in deep concentration for ten hours a day over an entire weekend to make a final table. You can’t have bad nutrition or poor physical health and be able to concentrate for that long.

For example, professional poker player Daniel Negreanu chose to go vegan in order to keep his stamina and concentration up at events like the World Series of Poker which he won six times. The vegan diet has helped Negreanu stay laser focused while in tournaments no matter if he’s playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha high low or Stud.

Extending Careers with Good Health

Many professionals see age as one of their greatest rivals. As people grow older, sometimes their senses can dull and their energy levels can diminish. While age can affect people from all types of careers, nutrition can slow this process.

Good nutrition habits help a person stick around in their profession longer, allowing them to extend their prime and enjoy success even into their later years.

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