Father And Son Sporting Success Stories

February 19, 2017Fitness Standard

Thee is a staggering amount of families who have become renowned for their incredible sporting abilities. Whether the skill, dedication, passion and athletic ability runs in the family or whether it is being surrounded by sport all the time is what inspires children to go on and emulate the success of their parents is unclear, perhaps a bit of both. What is clear however is that thorough the years, sport has been witness to more than one generation of sporting superstars from within the same family and today we are going to take a look at some of the father and son combos which have lit up the world of sports.

The Elways

Jack Elway was a great college quarterback who was beginning to be talked about as a hot property before he was struck down with a knee injury that would end his playing career. As a lover of football when Elway graduated he embarked upon a richly successful college coaching career where he nurtured a great deal of talent and finished his career as scout for the Denver Broncos. Jack’s son John would go on to achieve the success that his father never did and after getting picked up in the draft by the Broncos, he would go on to spend his entire career there where he won back to back Superbowl Championships as well as MVP before being inducted into the hall of fame upon his retirement.

The Norton

The big bruising boxer Ken Norton had a successful boxing career which saw him become the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World. Throughout Norton’s career he won 43 fight with his brawler style including one against Muhammed Ali, Norton was voted by ring magazine as one of the top 50 heavyweight fighters of all time. Norton’s son, also named Ken, would emulate his father’s success in a very different way, football. After a very successful college career where he was inducted into the UCLA hall of fame, the young Ken Norton entered the World of the NFL where he was an outstanding linebacker and the first player to have win 3 Superbowls in consecutive years.

The Bonds

Barry and Bobby Bonds have done things in baseball that few other men have, let alone related men and the records list of the MLB are littered with the Bonds family name. Father Bobby was the first player to ever hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases in consecutive seasons and actually hit the 30-30 five times in his career, a feat which would be later equalled by his son. Both players possessed incredibly hitting power and son Barry would not only reach his father’s dizzying heights but he would go even further in the game and still holds records for the most career home runs, most home runs in a single season and most career walks. No other family has dominated baseball in the same way that the Bonds did and it seems unlikely that anyone ever will again.

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