Denise Austin’s Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance Review

August 2, 2015Fitness, , , Standard

Denise Austin’s latest workout is now available! Although she’s not for everyone, I am a big fan of Austin and her at-home workouts.

Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance is a fun 30-minute cardio workout. The workout includes twenty minutes of aerobics, along with a five-minute warm-up and Denise Austin Dance Latincooldown.

Although the title suggests the workout is “dance,” this is not an dance instructional DVD. It’s more like Latin-inspired aerobics. Austin enthusiastically teaches “dancy” segments that include moves like mambos, cha chas, sambas, shimmies, and lots of hip shakes. At the end of each segment, there’s a one-minute “dance jam” to pump up the heart rate by focusing on a single move from the previous segment. Throughout the workout, Austin encourages viewers to have fun and be creative.

The cardio workout is low intensity. There are some high impact jumps. Austin does not discuss lower impact modifications.

The difficulty of choreography is mixed. If you’ve done previous dance workouts, many of the moves will feel familiar. Austin’s cueing is not great, but it’s not difficult to follow along. I find that the workout gets better the more I do it because I learned the moves and am able to increase the intensity and effort.

The DVD also includes a 10-minute bonus toning workout. It is described on the package as a “full-body” workout to “sculpt your arms, back, legs, abs, and butt.” The majority of the moves, however, are for the upper body. Even with the focus on the upper body, the lower body is not still. Austin adds a Latin feel by including dance steps along with the toning moves. Bicep curls are done in combination with mambo steps, and hip rockers are added to overhead presses. A pair of hand weights is needed for the bonus workout. The intensity of the toning workout can easily be changed by adjusting the size of the hand weights.

Overall, this is an enjoyable workout. It reminded me a lot of Denise Austin’s Daily Workoutwhich used to air on Lifetime. This DVD is recommended to those who have liked Austin’s TV workouts or previous dance workouts, and it is also great for individuals seeking a low intensity cardio workout.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own, and no compensation was received. This post contains affiliate links.

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