Choosing the Best Time to Ski in the French Alps

March 27, 2019Advice Standard

Choosing the best time to enjoy your winter break is crucial, so you can enjoy the activities you prefer and spend it with people who are important to you. Each month of the winter season has advantages and disadvantages for holiday goers, so you need to choose according to what is important to you.

The French Alps has many world-class ski resorts around the world. Whether you are on holiday to relax and spend some casual time on the slopes, or looking for productive training in a Ski School, Courchevel in France is the perfect venue for ski lovers of every age.

Skiing in December

The Christmas season spent in the French Alps is both festive and romantic. Regardless of which ski resort you stay in, there is always something going on for guests to enjoy the holiday season. If you want a new Christmas tradition with your family, spending it on a ski holiday is nothing short of exciting and enjoyable.

One of the downsides to skiing in December is fighting off the crowd to spend some decent time on the slopes, and it’s also a peak month so expect to pay a premium. Nevertheless, skiing in December means you are rewarded with so much more to enjoy in terms of exciting activities for you and your family.

Skiing in January

If you dislike crowds and want cheaper rates, January is the most laid back month to enjoy skiing in the French Alps. Since the slopes are not busy, the snow is much better for skiing and beginners can spend time on the slopes without feeling stressed being surrounded by more advanced skiers. It is also easier to book ski lessons, accommodation, and trips during this time of the year.

What to keep in mind, however, is that the lower temperatures in January mean you need to have the right clothing and gear to protect you from the cold.

Skiing in February

The perfect combination of warmer temperature and excellent snow conditions happens in February. This month also gets much busier, and there are plenty of activities in store for holiday goers. Nevertheless, if you are looking for fun, February is great for families and young professionals alike.

If you plan on going in February, book your lessons, accommodation, and rentals well in advance if you do not want resorts to run out of slots for you.

Skiing in March and April

The warmer weather and more extended daylight hours mean you have more time to stay outdoors. By this time the crowd would have slightly dissipated and there are fewer children on the slopes, so this time is also perfect for beginners who want to avoid large groups.

Waiting until March or April to enjoy your winter break sounds like a long time, but it may be worth the wait if you prefer to ski in milder weather. There may be some excellent offers available and events in store for visitors, so it is also best to book your trip ahead of time.




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