A Look Ahead at the 2019/2020 Real Betis Season

August 30, 2019Lifestyle Standard

A $2.2 million sponsorship deal recently inked with easyMarkets, the well-known Cyprus-based trading firm, has brought a sigh of relief to everyone associated with Real Betis, Spain’s legendary football team. After more than 112 years in existence, Betis is finally on solid financial ground for the first time in the modern era. Having survived all sorts of downturns, both financial and otherwise, Betis has worked hard at becoming a formidable force in the sports world once again.

Recent Transformation

The biggest part of that transformation came as recently as 2011, the year Betis was able to get back into La Liga as a competitive team. From there, monetary challenges were another item on the agenda. The team’s business operatives were hard at work looking for new sponsors while the players were honing their skills on the playing field.

Everything finally clicked when the new deal was signed and Real Betis notched its newest major sponsor. This new era of financial stability and good fortune has been a long time coming. Many older fans of the team remember an era, long ago in the late 1940s and 1950s, when Betis was relegated to the Third Division in national football.

Current Season Prospects

Last year was something of a disappointment for Real Betis, as the squad was only able to secure a 10th-place finish in the final tournament. Many fans and team executives thought the year’s result would be better and have devoted themselves to improving this time around. A number of key acquisitions for the team might make that hope a reality. Not only did the financial agreement with easyMarkets allow the team to dispense with worry about where its funding would come from, but about a half-dozen names are now officially “in” the upcoming year’s lineup. For anyone wondering about who was out and who was in, the lineup looks like this:

  • In – Juanmi, Giovani Lo Celso, Emerson Barcelona, Dani Martin, Nabil Fekir, Borja Iglesias Quintas, Alex Moreno
  • Out – Sergio Leon, Pau Lopez, Alexander Alegria Moreno, Alin Tosca, Ryad Boudebouz, Junior Firpo

Fekir Acquisition

Nabil Fekir’s move to Betis was the major story of the year as far as personnel. When Fekir arrived from France, the acquisition was instantly regarded as being one of the most relevant of the current era. From now until 2023, Fekir will be under contract with Betis FC, who anted up about $22 million for the pleasure of his company. Having trained in the world-renowned French football academy from his younger days, Fekir has the advantage of the training and skills acumen that the French juvenile league fosters in its players. Now that advantage will be transferred to Real Betis as it faces a tough year and hopes to prove itself in the year-end standings.

Fekir captained the French team when they won the World Cup last year. At that time, most insiders were predicting that he would end up playing for Liverpool. However, things changed and the entire football world was shocked upon learning that Fekir, along with his equally talented younger sibling, would be playing for Betis in the 2019/2020 season.

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