A List of the Easiest and Most Effective Exercises You can Do at Your Desk

January 25, 2017Advice Standard

Whilst doing a few desk exercises won’t really make up for going to the gym and doing some cardio three times a week, remember this: every little bit helps. Even if you’re at your desk for hours every day, you can still sneak in a few simple and easy exercises which can not only help you feel good and energised but can also help you burn some unwanted calories. Wonder how you can do it? Here’s a list of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do at your desk.

The new year is upon us – with a chance to be a new you – so here are some simple office and desk exercises that can benefit you:

The toe workout

Cardio workouts are the worst, aren’t they? But this one isn’t. To get a quick cardio workout at your desk, simply tap your toes quickly on the floor for about five to ten minutes. Or, you can also make it a bit more challenging by standing in front of a small bin and lifting up your leg so you can tap your toes on the edge of the bin. Do it for both your right and left legs.

Jog at your desk

Another cardio workout you can do is to jog at your desk. Just stand up and jog whilst staying in place. Doing this for only a minute or two each day can do wonders for burning those pesky calories.

Move and shake

Who says you can’t show joy whilst you’re in the office? What you can do is put on some upbeat music and do some moving and shaking whilst sitting at your office chair. Yes, you may look a bit crazy, but who cares, right? Just tell your colleagues what you’re trying to do, and they may even decide to join in!

Take a stand

One more exercise you can take advantage of is to ‘take a stand’. No, it doesn’t mean you have to voice your opinion on the measly hour you get for your lunch break – it means standing up as often as you can. Having a meeting? Rather than sitting down with your colleagues, why not make it a point to stand up? When speaking to someone on the telephone, stand up. Having your lunch break? Stand up whilst eating your meal.

As you can see, there are a lot of desk exercises you can do whilst at work, and they need not be too difficult, either. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and you’re set. And if you feel like rewarding yourself after exercising, you can always have a healthy snack, play a game or two of bingo online, or go out for a stroll.

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