A Good Weekend In Germany

May 19, 2020Football Standard

Since postponements and cancellations began toward the start of March as the spread of the coronavirus within Europe ramped up, the Bundesliga has been the first of the big European football leagues to get back underway and had managed to do so to great success – now eyes may turn to some of the other bigger leagues to see also follow the footsteps the good weekend in Germany.

There had been a little uncertainty at first – players were required to undergo testing in order to get back to training and playing, the first round of testing revealed that some players had tested positive for the virus leading some to believe there was still the risk that other games would be cancelled as a result, but training resumed for the teams and the games got underway – eight games were played during the weekend with another two to be played during the week, and a further eighteen being played in the week following until the season comes to an end – with the season being seen through to completion as the main goal.


(Image from skysports) 

This is also true for other leagues within Europe – the Premier League within the UK had announced they could face losses of over $1 billion if the season isn’t seen through to completion, with a tentative date set forward at the start of June for the Premier League to return, and strong early signs from the Bundesliga, there could be a lot more football on the horizon – the same is also true in Spain and Italy as players in La Liga and Serie A have also returned to training and have hopes to see their respective season through to completion – it’s a lot of football to fit in a relatively short amount of time, but so long as current numbers stay low and the adherence for low attendance from team support staff remains, it seems a regular football schedule is back. 

The same good news continues for the businesses that rely on live sporting events to continue as bookmakers had another successful weekend as other sporting events that have taken place are also doing extremely well – there are a large number of betting operators and casinos not on gamstop that have been able to capitalize on these events coming back – alongside football there have also been a number of combat events taking place within the US throughout the week as three different UFC events too place in the past week to great success as betting operators suggest these may have been some of the most bet events in their recent history.

We may now start to see many other sports return to a regular schedule too – these ‘ghost’ games and events will continue without fans in attendance for the foreseeable future – likely until steps can be taken to ensure that social distancing can be upheld within the stadiums, but for many who have been awaiting for their favourite sport to get underway again the early signs are good and it has been shown that it’s possible.

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