5 Reasons To Consider Roller Derby As a Sport

October 20, 2019Advice Standard

So, why choose roller derby? In order to increase your chances of sticking to an exercise program, it’s important to make sure that you enjoy the sport you choose. Roller derby is an intensive and fast-paced game that mixes all sorts of elements together. The result is an exciting sport full of adrenaline with a competitive edge.


If you’ve ever attended a roller derby match, then you know how electrifying it can be. If you’re intrigued to find out more, take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider roller derby as your sport of choice.


It’s Challenging


If you get bored when things are too easy, then roller derby is perfect for you. You’ll have to jump over things (including people), you may get knocked in the teeth, take few elbows to the gut, and even take a few spills.


If you’re up for putting in the work, you’ll find that roller derby can be an incredibly physically and mentally demanding sport.


It’s a Great Workout


Don’t make the mistake of believing that roller derby is gently skating around in circles. The skating you’ll do during roller derby involves a lot of squatting and using your core to balance while lapping the rink at an intensive pace.


By the end of a game, you’ll have just participated in some seriously intense cardio. If your league is extra committed to being the best that they can be, chances are that your practice sessions will be full of cardio and strength training, as well. The best part is, you don’t feel like you’re working out when you’re playing!  Your competitive nature kicks in, and all you’re focused on is winning!


There’s a Strong Sense of Community


When you join a roller derby association, you join a team. The idea of a team is to create a family-like environment full of other players who have your best interests in mind.


Between practices and games, you’ll feel yourself forming a tight bond with the other players. Throughout the season, you’ll grow closer through the ups and downs that a team goes through.


It Encourages Confidence


If you’ve ever struggled with confrontation or hesitate expressing your opinion, then this sport has the power to totally transform you. There’s no hesitating in roller derby when it’s between you and your opponent.


Players all have derby names, which are usually funny or raunchy, giving you an alternate ego. You compete in front of an enthusiastic crowd making it fun to embody strength and play your character.


It’s Fun!


Above all, roller derby is downright fun. It’s a chance to entertain a crowd, get a workout in, and play hard and fast!




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