5 Best Sports For Losing Weight

April 14, 2020Advice Standard

Not only are sports a fun way to pass the time and entertain yourself, but it’s also a fantastic way to lose weight. Getting started in a sport can help you kickstart your weight loss when paired with a diet. Not all of the same sports are created equal, however. 


Some sports are much better at burning calories quickly and keeping the weight off. Take a look at some of the best sports to help you lose weight in the fastest amount of time. 




Swimming is a sport that engages every single part of your body- from your shoulders all the way down to your ankles. Swimming is considered a low impact exercise because it’s gentle on your joints. 


Regularly swimming can burn an impressive amount of calories, depending on the move that you’re doing. For example, the butterfly stroke alone can burn upwards of 900 calories an hour.  When you compare this calorie burn compared to something like bowling, it’s easy to see why swimming is one of the most effective methods for losing weight. Just make sure you wash your hair with shampoo for chlorine water afterwards to prevent hair damage due to prolonged swimming.




Running isn’t just great for stress relief. It’s an incredibly effective way to intensely burn off calories without requiring any gear or equipment. Depending on how long and how fast of the pace you go, running can be one of the most calorie-burning exercises out there. 


However, it’s important to understand the basics of running to avoid injury.  Since it can be considerably stressful on your knees, it’s important to know the correct posture to avoid seriously injuring yourself. 




If you’ve ever watched a game of basketball, then you know just how much huffing and puffing the players are doing. Basketball combines strength with speed as players are required to run from one end of the court to the other, backward and forward while tossing the ball using the strength of their arms and legs. 


On average, basketball burns anywhere from 500 to 700 calories an hour, depending on the intensity and length of the game. 




Tennis may be seen by many as a less than exciting sport.  While it may not involve cheerleaders or special uniforms, it does demand a considerable amount of work from the players.  Tennis players are required to run from one end of the court to another and intensely swing the racket around, switching directions frequently and rapidly. 


Not only are players’ arms active, but their legs are active too, making it an excellent form of dynamic exercise. 




Riding a bike is one of the best forms of cardio out there. Not only is it possible to ride a bike outside, but you can also ride a stationary bike in the privacy of your own home or the gym. Cycling regularly as an alternative to driving can be a fantastic way to lose weight. 


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