3 Simple Ways To Get More Physical Activity As You Age

January 31, 2022Fitness Standard

While we all know that getting adequate physical activity is vital for the mental and physical health of every person, regardless of their age, as you get older, it seems to become easier and easier to justify being less active. But if you want to live to a ripe old age without feeling like you’ve gotten over-ripe, staying active is going to be the key.


To help you in doing this, here are three simple ways to get more physical activity as you age. 


Participate In Exercise Classes


Regardless of your current physical abilities, there are exercise classes available to you.


While you can take exercise classes at a gym, local college campus, or through a type of community center or program, you can also find all types of exercise classes online. With these types of classes, you can try all kinds of different classes until you find a few that work really well for you. Then, if you want to turn your exercising into more of a social experience, you can find out where you can take classes in person just like the ones you’ve enjoyed online. Places like assisted living communities and even churches can be a great place to meet with people who want to work out in the same way as you while also getting some social interaction as well. 


Think About Exercise In Chunks


Often, people think about exercise as something that you have to set specific time aside for. However, there are likely already things that you’re doing in your daily life that could easily be turned into exercise if you only thought about it.


For example, if you spend time going up and down stairs in your home, doing this a little more often throughout the day could count as a workout. And even if the exercise you’re getting isn’t happening all at once, it is still immensely beneficial to your body while being easier for many people to get done. 


Play With Your Grandchildren


If you have children or grandchildren living near you, playing with them can be a great workout. Kids love being physical and playing with their parents and grandparents. So if you’re able to get outside with them or play on the ground for a few minutes, you might find that you’re breaking a sweat and getting out of breath in a very short time.


Along with getting a great workout, this type of play can also be great for building your relationship with your children or grandchildren, which is all the more reason to do it as often as you can. 


If you want to get more physical activity but aren’t sure how you can integrate this type of exercise into your life now that you’re older, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how this can be done. 

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