Your Chance To Win A Piece Of Cardinals History

Go crazy, folks, go crazy!

Twenty-six years today was one of the classic games in Cardinals history — actually, one of the classic games in baseball history. Game five of the 1985 NLCS, Dodgers vs. Cardinals at Busch Stadium, series tied at two games, score tied 2-2 going into the bottom of the ninth …

Every Cardinals fan knows what happened next. Ozzie Smith stepped to the plate. The count ran to 1-2. Ozzie swung, the ball went flying and then came the famous Jack Buck call: “Go crazy, folks, go crazy!”

That famous walk-off winner.

How would you like to own a DVD of that very game, one that even includes Jack’s unforgettable call? We have five DVDs of the game to give away today.

It’s one of 11 DVDs in a brand-new line from A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions called “Baseball’s Greatest Games. Read more about game five and the DVD here.

Just in case you don’t remember the details (or perhaps weren’t even born 26 years ago!) the Cardinals were led by manager Whitey Herzog while Tommy Lasorda managed the Dodgers and, as mentioned above, the series was tied two-two. To summarize the game: in the quintessential style of “Whitey Ball,” the Cardinals initiated the scoring with two walks and a two- RBI double by Tommy Herr. From then on, the Dodgers ace Fernando Valenzuela stilled the Cardinals while the Dodgers evened the scoring behind Bill Madlock’s two-run home run. Tom Niedenfuer, who anchored the Dodger bullpen in 1985 and had saved game one, was summoned for the bottom of the ninth with the score still tied. Then came Ozzie, the light-hitting and switch-hitting “Wizard” — and next was his first career left-handed home run after 3,009 at-bats.

The “Greatest Games” DVD is direct from the Major League Baseball archives and includes a special audio feature that allows you to watch the television broadcast and listen to Jack and the radio play-by-play.

Here’s how you can win. Just submit a comment below with the name of the winning pitcher for the Cardinals. (Hint: if you don’t know, click the link at the top of the page that says “game five.”) We have five DVDs to give away and will draw five names at random tomorrow morning from everyone who submits a comment before midnight Central Time tonight.

Just knowing this is the anniversary of the game AND Ozzie will be at Busch Stadium to throw out the first pitch has me feeling good about our 2011 Cardinals tonight. And now it’s time to share those good feelings by giving away these DVDs.

Go crazy!

0 thoughts on “Your Chance To Win A Piece Of Cardinals History

  1. jbdehuff says:

    Winning pitcher: Jeff Lahti. What a great game it was – not sure I watched it live as a 10 yr old, but remember the time. Miss the astroturf, pullover jerseys, powder-blue away uniforms.

  2. netherton says:

    Ahhh, what a game. The winner was, of course, Jeff Lahti (who was a lot like Jason Motte, fidgety and threw real hard). A great moment, perhaps only surpassed when Tom Neidenfuer gave up the home run to Jack Clark in Game Six (Adios, Goodbye, and that might be a winner).

    I’ve already passed on one copy of this to another Cardinals fan who missed the 80s. I will do so again if I am one of the lucky winners.

  3. deckacards says:

    Jeff Lahti…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!! *whimper*

    uh…i love ozzie.


    - Kevin

  4. bennettgina says:

    It was Jeff Lahti, though I admit I did not remember the pitcher’s name, but I sure remembered that homerun and Jack’s amazing call. Go Crazy, I did!! I hope I win this, it will be like watching the game with my Dad all over again.

  5. sylvia says:

    Jeff Lahti was the winning pitcher for the 1985 LCS game 5. Please let me win the DVD. This morning my 14 yo asked me who Ozzie Smith was.
    I told her the man we talked you into naming your St. Louis Cardinal dressed stuffed animal after when you were 7.
    So the the old guy who could still do a backflip in the softball game when the all star game was at Busch.
    Yes, the best shortstop ever.
    ‘Till me! She exclaimed.
    Help me show her who to aspire to be.

  6. cardsfaninbigd says:

    Would it be…Jeff Lahti?

  7. sportschick1 says:

    I’m gonna go with Jeff Lahti! :)

  8. jgerb says:

    It was Jeff Lahti, which is one of the few things about this game that I wouldn’t have to google (us Jeffs have to stick together, haha). This was also the first year that the LCS were 7 games, or else it’d have been a walk off series winner (essentially I guess you could say it was anyway). I remember thinking “I can’t believe that.” It was so odd to see Ozzie hit a home run. I wonder what kind of odds Vegas would’ve put down on an Ozzie Smith walk off home run as a left handed hitter!

  9. nlw1013 says:

    Being that I wasn’t born yet, I had to look up that it was Jeff Lahti, but I have seen/heard the Ozzie HR with Jack’s call many times, and have always been a big Ozzie fan my whole life (the only part of games I enjoyed as a kid was seeing Ozzie do his back flip, then I was ready to go back to the hotel and swim). Proves that this is timeless moment in Cardinals history that it’s one I know well and was barely a thought in the universe :)

  10. hawkelly says:

    Even though I was in kindergarten and it was a school night, I remember that Jeff Lahti was the winning pitcher. Okay, maybe not, but I still love the Cardinals and Jack Buck’s call of Ozzie’s home run! :)

  11. allalbertpujols says:

    Jeff Lahti! But I, too, wasn’t born yet. ;)

  12. hitman6498 says:

    That would be Jeff Lahti

  13. RSN_Alberta says:

    The immortal Jeffrey Allen Lahti! Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday. I have always been a diehard Red Sox fan, but the Cardinals were my favorite NL team and I remember going just as crazy as Buck, when Ozzie hit that shot. I couldn’t believe it.

  14. oates03 says:

    Reliever Jeff Lahti got the win and Niedenfuer took the loss. The home run was voted the greatest moment in the history of Busch Stadium in 2005, and was the source of Jack Buck’s famous call “Go crazy, folks, go crazy”. Wikipedia

    Ps, I was around then

  15. daved734 says:

    Jeff Lahti was the winner. I was 2 years old, and am sure that my parents had this game on. Heck, I was born 9 months after the 1982 World Series.

  16. vivid13 says:

    Jeff Lahti would be the winning pitcher in question. A 6-year old me was already old enough at that point to be glued to the tv when Cardinals baseball was on, and knew exactly where to move the radio dial to tune in KMOX if tv wasn’t an option. Whether tuning in with my father or catching the broadcasts with my grandfather, there was NO better family bonding time than the Cards.

  17. Michael says:

    It actually was one of the last games Jeff Lahti ever pitched.

    He went from being the closer at midseason, to losing that slot to Todd Worrell, to being blown up by the Royals in Game 7 of the World Series, to ending his career with only three innings pitched in 1986, to — and here’s the best part — having a daughter who now is the girlfriend of Tiger Woods.

    … so is all that DVD worthy?

  18. Thanks to all for entering. Love all the memories of that game too — thanks for sharing!

    I used a random number pick website to choose the winners. Congrats to:

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