You Say It’s Yadi’s Birthday …

Happy 31st birthday, Yadier Benjamin Molina!

Yes, our favorite BAMF who is the Cardinals team leader, MVP candidate, leading All-Star vote getter and the National League’s leading hitter (even while in a slump) was born on July 13, 1982, and has been stealing our hearts just like he’s been stopping those foolish enough to try to steal on him since his 2004 Cardinals debut.

And maybe it’s not just Cardinals fans’ hearts he’s stealing — his jersey is currently the third best-selling one in MLB. Everyone loves Yadi! (Except for Mets fans. And Reds fans. And Giants fans. But what do they know?)

So, on this day, nothing but best wishes and good health to our favorite catcher. Have a great one, Yadi!

ESPN: The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine

Cards fans and Mets fans alike still remember this NLCS homer.

Cards fans and Mets fans alike still remember this NLCS homer.




Yadi hr












And here’s to seeing plenty more celebrating Yadi pictures in the future!

Also, Paul McCartney would like to pass along his wishes as well.

Finally, in honor of Yadi’s birthday, the Cardinals and the Cubs will play on FOX tonight starting at 6:15 p.m. Lance Lynn goes for his 12th win of the season (yes, I know, wins are a dumb stat but MLB still keeps track of them) against Matt Garza.

And, truthfully, here’s hoping Yadi’s birthday gift from Mike Matheny is a day off. We need you for the long-term, Yadi, so rest that knee!

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