Yadi's Mohawk: Yay Or Nay?

Maybe you didn’t know about Yadier Molina’s new look until yesterday’s game-winning hit.

Once his helmet was off, there it was: a mohawk.

I noticed it the other night and had an immediate reaction: yuck. But that’s just me. You could love it.

So there’s today’s hard-hitting question, as we wait all day for baseball to begin in San Francisco tonight:

Yadi's new hairstyle: yay or nay?

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Also, for more on Yadi’s mohawk, check out the latest Legopiece Theater entry at SB Nation St. Louis. It made me literally laugh out loud. Of course, most of them have. Catch up on the whole series if you haven’t read them yet.

The Cardinals take on the Giants tonight, with Jaime Garcia facing off against Madison Bumgarner. Game time is 9:15 p.m. Central Time.


0 thoughts on “Yadi's Mohawk: Yay Or Nay?

  1. Laura Schulte says:

    I think it highlights those neck tats splendidly… Because you need to show off neck tats.

    1. Laura, good point … although the neck tats could be another poll! :)

    2. Jen Nevius says:

      Totally agree with Laura.

  2. sportschick1 says:

    I voted “Love it!”… Although that might be a little more enthusiastic than I really feel… On most people, I would not be a fan, but Yadi? He can pull off what most mortals can not… Such as the neck tats… Over all, I’m a fan! :)

  3. The neck tats grew on me as I believe they have majical (yes MAJICAL) powers. But I am not a fan of mohawks in general.

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