Ellen Barrett Live Super Fast Body Blast! review


To me, Ellen Barrett is kind of like the JLaw of fitness DVDs. Okay, so Barrett doesn’t have the Oscar nods. But, she is just so likable. I kind of want to be her best friend. Or at least her favorite student. I love her workouts, including the “Ellen Barrett Live” series. I received a […]

UFIT Ultra Lean review


I received a copy of the UFIT Ultra Lean DVD for review purposes. This post may contain affiliate links (marked with a *). All opinions are my own. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an at-home workout with Cindy Whitmarsh. She was the instructor of one of my beloved 10 Minute Solution videos–(Target Toning for […]

Collage Video going out of business

collage video

At-home workout enthusiasts are sure to miss Collage Video, a retailer of workout DVDs. The company is going out of business because of its inability to compete with major retailers like Amazon and Ebay. The beauty of Collage Video was the amount of information they offered about individual workouts. They had video clips of each […]

Ekey, Illini ruin senior night in Iowa City


Hey, Michigan did it to us first, so Illinois turned around and did the same thing to Iowa. Though it wasn’t a blowout by any means, a last-second 3 from senior transfer Jon Ekey cut daggers through the hearts of Iowa players and fans, handing them a loss for their last game of the regular […]

Power Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza Review


If you’ve ever been interested in a boxing class but don’t actually want contact, Power Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza may be a good at-home workout for you. Marlen Esparza is bronze medalist in boxing (women’s flyweight division) at the 2012 Olympics in London, and this workout is like getting a beginner’s class with the champ. The workout […]

Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party Review

Cardio Hip HOp

Dance Off the Inches is a series of dance-inspired workouts. I’ve enjoyed most of them, and I think I found my absolute favorite of the series so far. Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Hip Hop Party with Jennifer Galardi is a blast.  The workout is about 40 minutes long. It includes a warm-up, dance workout, […]

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift review


I am a fan of the 10 Minute Solution fitness series, so naturally I was excited for the release of High Intensity Interval Training (which I reviewed a few weeks back) and Butt Lift. 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift follows the familiar format of having five 10-minute workouts. These workouts are focused on toning your […]

Tighten, Tone and Torch Review


Suzanne Bowen’s Tighten Tone & Torch is a deceptively difficult workout. After a brief two-minute warm-up, Bowen leads three twenty-minute sessions, including “Lower Body Lean,” “Upper Body Sleek,” and “Cardio Torch.” Finally, there is a twelve-minute stretch session. The barre-inspired exercises include moves from Pilates, yoga, and traditional sculpting moves. Most of the workout is done in […]

10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training review


One of my favorite at-home workout series is 10 Minute Solution. The gist–each DVD features five ten-minute workouts. There are many options in the collection, including Pilates, dance, cardio, toning, yoga, boot camp, and kickboxing. Now, there’s 10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training. Like all the 10 Minute Solution workouts, the DVD has five 10-minute […]

Denise Austin’s Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance Review

Denise Austin Dance Latin

Denise Austin’s latest workout is now available! Although she’s not for everyone, I am a big fan of Austin and her at-home workouts. Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance is a fun 30-minute cardio workout. The workout includes twenty minutes of aerobics, along with a five-minute warm-up and cooldown. Although the title suggests the workout is “dance,” this is […]

Jazzercise: Latin Live review

jazzercise latin live

Another Jazzercise review! I enjoyed Burlesque by Jazzercise so much, I decided to try the Jazzercise Latin dance DVD. Jazzercise: Latin Live is a 50-minute cardio dance workout and includes a warm-up and cooldown. There are two additional pre-programmed, condensed workout options of 12 and 20 minutes, respectively. The workout is meant to resemble a live […]

Tracey Mallet’s Renew You: Cardio Fusion Review

renew you

Tracey Mallett’s Renew You: Cardio Fusion is a workout you can do in your bare feet. Mallett fuses together yoga, ballet, jazz, and toning moves to create a 55-minute workout. The workout can be done in its entirety, or it can be broken into smaller segments. The workout includes a lengthy 10 minute yoga warm-up, a 15 […]

This is my excuse

What's yours?

When I first saw this photo of Maria Kang, I had just slipped into a brand-new pair of jeans, a size larger than I wore last season, and was in the process of ordering Chinese food because the healthy dinner I had made for my family is currently immolating on the bottom of the crock […]

The cost of fitness: at-home workouts economical way to get fit


Among articles about the best sports bras and how to be a badass, Fitness magazine had a write-up about “The Cost of Fitness.” The article featured ten women, the workouts they love, and the amount they spend on fitness. There were extreme amounts, such as the $1000 per month spent by one woman on a […]

Summer running (had me a blast): Review of Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running


Running in Southeast Texas during the summer isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience. If the heat doesn’t get to you, the humidity will. One day I came back from a run, and my husband exclaimed, “It was over 100 degrees out there while you were running!” (This was after 7 p.m. I couldn’t believe I […]