Win The Cardinals World Series DVD

Today’s the day the official World Series film is released — but you can win your own copy of the DVD. We’re giving away three of these two-DVD sets.

Even though it all happened less than a month ago, we are all anxious to relive those magical moments over and over again — right?

In the official 2011 World Series film, the annual and crowning program from Major League Baseball Productions, St. Louis native and narrator Jon Hamm of Mad Men delivers the redoubtable Redbirds championship run, from first pitch to last in a pulse-pounding documentary format.

Providing comprehensive highlights, exclusive access and interviews plus breath-taking footage and sounds captured by MLB cameras and microphones throughout the series, this DVD is a perfect way to relive the epic battle against the Texas Rangers.

The official 2011 World Series film is a two-disc set that features an exclusive bonus disc containing the complete NLDS Game Five vs. the Phillies, a taut 1-0 pitcher’s duel between Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay that propelled the Cardinals to the NLCS and, ultimately, the World Series.

Additional extras include behind-the-scenes interviews and bonus programming including “This Week in Baseball” episodes with Dave Duncan and Lance Berkman, Tony La Russa on “Prime 9,” the final out and celebration from Game Five of the NLDS, the final out and celebration from Game Six of the NLCS, Albert’s three homers in World Series Game Three, David Freese’s game-tying triple in Game Six of the World Series, Lance Berkman’s game-tying 10th inning single from that same game, Freese’s walk-off homer, the Game Six postgame press conference with LB and Freeser, the Freese game-tying double from Game Seven, the World Series final out and celebration, and the World Series parade.

Here’s how you can win. It’s simple — just post a comment below with the answer to this question: who was the Cardinals starting pitcher in Game Six of the World Series?

Entries will be accepted through 6 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, Nov. 27, and we will select and post the winners then.

Here’s a sneak peek at the World Series film — we’ve posted it before, but it certainly deserves another look so you can anticipate what you’ll be seeing.

Thank you to A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions for providing the DVD sets for our giveaway. They also are available now for purchase here, plus a single Blu-ray disc will be available Dec. 6.

Look for our review of the World Series film tomorrow. In the meantime, enter to win your own set now!

0 thoughts on “Win The Cardinals World Series DVD

  1. kellyr says:

    Jaime Garcia! I admit I had to check my very messy scorecard to be sure, as the early innings of that game are kind of a blur.

    Can’t wait for the premiere tonight – I hope screaming is permitted at the Peabody :-)

  2. glettow says:

    Jaime Garcia pitched the first 3 innings. I was lucky enough to be able to take my dad to game 1 but had to watch game 6 from home. go Cards!

  3. Laura Schulte says:

    Jaime Garcia, of course. :)

  4. atomdrums says:

    Jaime. Was there for his outstanding game 2 performance, but much preferred the outcome of his game 6 start!

  5. Ann says:

    Jaime Jaime Jaime.

    Me gusta.

  6. bmh9500 says:

    hope he keeps working on his conditioning, so he can stop these late season dips in performance. he can be a beast.

  7. jbdehuff says:

    Jaime Garcia. A little fresher in the memory than the last trivia question about the 1985 NLCS.

  8. ajgmets says:

    Jaime Garcia gave it a go in Game 6 but after allowing only 2 runs on 5 hits (with a pair of walks) over 3 innings, he was pulled from the 2-2 tie and the slugfest that ensued forced TLR to continue his late season and postseason “bullpen mastery” using 6 more pitchers before the “October Freese” put the night to rest with his well documented heroics. I was financially indecisive between going to game 6 or 7 and opted for the Series clincher, a decision I do not regret but wish I could have done both. What a scene and an exciting end to a season for a “Mets Fan” here in St. Louis who was lucky enough to attend 58 games at Busch in 2011…

  9. sportschick1 says:

    Jaime Garcia was the starter, but was long gone by the time the outcome was decided… Most exciting game I’ve ever seen, also most stressful! I loved it!

  10. fulento says:

    Jaime! Jaime! Jaime!

    Freese! BOOM! 11IN11. That’s my summation of the game.

  11. hawkelly says:

    That would be Jaime Garcia. :)

  12. boodles says:

    Jaime Garcia! Hope I win, hope I win, hope I win!!!

  13. dfreese23 says:


    Think I should win something cool. I run with David’s sister.


  14. malibu13202 says:

    Jamie Garcia

  15. annaruth says:

    Jaime Garcia started game six for the Cards.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. highflyingbird says:

    Jaime Garcia!

  17. psg723 says:

    It was Jaime Garcia!

    And the most nerve racking, emotional and best game ever!

  18. cardsfan64 says:

    Garcia started game 6 for the Cardinals. Wish I could have been at any of the games, but game six was awesome to watch at home!
    Thanks for a chance to win and be able to watch it again!

  19. nooorm says:

    Jaime Garcia!
    I’ve still got the game saved on my DVR. I need the DVD so I can finally erase it. I need the space!

  20. Sarah Tyson says:

    Jaime Garcia! You know I’d love watching, and listening to, this DVD!

  21. netherton says:

    it was Jaime “Honk” Garcia.

  22. We have our winners — Miranda and Tara each picked a number and I used a random number generator website. Congrats to:

    And, stay tuned — we will be giving away FIVE sets of the full World Series collector’s edition very soon. This is an 8-DVD set with all the World Series games!

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