Will Greg Maddux Join His Brother In Texas?

More Madduxes?  Yes, please. 

After several weeks of fretting that Mike Maddux would leave Texas for a gig up in Chicago, it now seems that Greg may be the one relocating.  According to DallasNews.com, Greg has left his position with the Cubs organization. 

Rumor has it he will take a similar position with the Rangers, working with pitchers at both in the majors and minors on technique and such – basically teaching them the Maddux magic.

Nothing’s confirmed yet.  FINGERS CROSSED.

UPDATE (11/29/2011, 3:20pm): Jed Hoyer has confirmed on MLB Network Radio that Greg is, in fact, joining his brother in Texas.

2 thoughts on “Will Greg Maddux Join His Brother In Texas?

  1. gravedigger says:

    i imagine he’ll have as much an impact as he did in chicago.

    i.e., none.

    1. Laura Schulte says:

      I choose to live in my dream world where 2 Madduxes are better than 1…or none. :)

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