WIETERS WALK-OFF! (And Wednesday Chirps, Too.)

It took thirteen innings, but Matt Wieters finally came through for the Orioles, singling and driving in the winning run in a 7-6 roller coaster game. We started out losing, and then we were winning, and then we were losing again, and then we were tied, and then we were losing, and then we won.

Seriously, that’s pretty much how the game went.

Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy totally came through today. If we’d lost, I was going to write something about how they were the team tonight. But we didn’t lose, so I don’t have to do that. Hot Arrieta also pitched well, all things considered, and I feel like he deserved the win but…well, Michael Gonzalez, who’d been good all year up to this point, apparently didn’t agree with me.

Also, I’ve discovered that if I say bad things about Jim Johnson, he pitches better. So I don’t actually hate Jim Johnson, I’m just using reverse psychology.

Here is a simulation of last night’s game. It is called Apollo’s Chariot.

Now for your Wednesday Chirps…

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