Wide Load: Offensive Options for the Bears 2012 Draft


Last month, the Bears announced that TE Kellen Davis agreed to re-sign with the team for two years.  As the starter, he fills a key position, however the Bears are not nearly as stacked here as they should be.  Davis only caught 18 passes last season, and as a returning starter in 2012, he should see plenty of  opportunities with new Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice calling the plays.

However, it would do the Bears good to stack up at this position.  With the draft approaching, I would like to see the team balance out its offense.  The Bears did a good job with signing Michael Bush and Jason Campbell.  The team now has two very explosive RB’s and finally gave Jay Cutler a veteran backup.

The offense is going to depend on a few things:  Cutler staying healthy  is #1.  Prior to last season, he was absolutely ripped to shreds by the media for being unreliable in his throws and not as mobile as he could be.  Even when the team won, it seemed like Cutler got little credit.  Then, when he got injured in week 10, and the team proceeded to free fall off a cliff under Caleb Hanie, the media did a 180 and started its Jay Cutler Love Fest.  So, he needs to be 100% all season.  But he also needs WRs & TE’s that will not drop his passes.

We haven’t seen much movement from the Bears in free agency.  I would love to be a fly on the wall as they discuss their draft prospects.  I’m not nearly the expert in ranking prospects as I could be, so with the help of ProFootballWeekly.com, I present to you the best WR & TE options:


Coby Fleener (Stanford)
Dwayne Allen (Clemson)
Orson Charles (Georgia)
Ladarius Green (Louisiana-Lafayette)
Michael Egnew (Missouri)


Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)
Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)
Rueben Randle (LSU)
Kendall Wright (Baylor)
Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech)

I would love the Bears to get Justin Blackmon, who caught for over 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns.  But I doubt he will last long enough for that to happen.  

Last year, the team used its first pick on OL Gabe Carimi, a much-needed addition to the porous offensive line that had significant problems protecting Cutler.  In fact, the team didn’t even pick up an offensive player until the fifth round, and that was QB Nathan Enderle, and we all know how well that turned out.

If the team is going to follow last year’s formula, I can only hope it uses it’s first pick for a quality receiver, to help enrich the offensive, and give a healthy Cutler as many passing options as possible.

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