Where in the world is Nick Markakis?

As you’ve probably heard by now, Nick Markakis is the biggest name who has yet to report to camp. He’s in town, so he should check in today (Sunday), but this left me wondering: where was he all that time?

So I figured I’d make like a gumshoe and check it out. I sure hope The Chief promotes me for all this good work!

Here’s my first photo of Markakis’ travels. There are more after the jump!


After visiting Greece, Markakis stopped in Westminster, MD, for some laser tag.

The bright lights of Tokyo were captivating to the right fielder.

Hey, I think Sarasota's the other way...

So he can jump into fictional worlds, too? Is that where Dave Trembley went?

Hey, at least he aims high.

Food shopping: important.

Here’s the blank: make your own and post them in the comments, will you?

Have fun!

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