Whatcha Lookin’ Forward To: NFL Week 16

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh

Lots of excellent games on tap this weekend! The ladies of Aerys Offsides talk about what they are looking forward to with this week’s slate of games. Feel free to comment below and let us know what games you are psyched to watch!


*Chargers vs. Jets. Greg McElroy is getting the start as rumors fly that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are on the trading block. Who would have believed this was coming at the start of the season? The sideline shots of that QB duo alone will be worth tuning in if the game is on in your area. And then there is the Chargers aspect to it! Oh! What a mess!

* Niners vs. Seahawks. This one features the QB challenge I’m looking forward to this week! Kaepernick vs. Wilson should be a great match-up!

* Bengals vs. Steelers. Playoff hopes are in the balance with this game! Can Andy Dalton lead the Bengals to a win and the playoffs? Here’s hoping he gets a lot of help from A.J. Green. Yes. A.J. is on my fantasy teams!


Mascot battle!!

Mascots assemble for the reindeer games! You’d think it being the Christmas Eve Eve games, the mascot battle would be pretty exciting. Well, let’s see what I can make up. First up, Chargers vs. Jets. This is your classic element vs. element race, light vs. water. If you look at it in the rock-paper-scissors sense, water clearly douses light. Next we’ve got Raiders vs. Panthers, a clash of dark, ominous looking mascots. This one is too tough to call because both are so sneaky, unless the Raiders drink too much grog. Finally, the most exciting mascot match-up of the week is Saints vs. Cowboys. It’s the most pious vs. the most lawless, both of which are celebrated in the South. Although thinking about it, it’s kind of like the power to smote the evil vs. the power to smote marshmallows around a camp fire, so I’ll have to give this one to the Saints (or at least St. Nick! ho ho ho).


*Bengals – Steelers: The NFL was smart to put these huge divisional games- which almost always have massive playoff implications – at the end of the season. One of these two teams will secure a playoff spot with this win while a loss could spoil the others hopes of making it to the postseason.

*Jets – Chargers: This game might be a snooze for the average fan Jets fans are anxious to see young Greg McElroy, who leapfrogged both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the depth chart, make his first start for the Jets.

*49ers and Seahawks: Two elite defenses, two young and exciting quarterbacks = Game of the week.


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