What To Do During This Orioles Offseason?

Well, the World Series is almost over, and that means we baseball fans need to find things to do. The same comes for us writers, as well, because it’s that time of the year when baseball stories are few and far between. However, there’s quite a few things you can expect things here at Charm City Yakyuu:

  • Cartoons: I’ve got a few planned already, but feel free to keep checking back this offseason because there’ll be plenty here!
  • Nippon Professional Baseball’s Postseason: The playoffs begin on Saturday, and we know who’s going to be in! I’ll have all the English-language coverage you need right here.
  • Pictures of my cats and sheepdogs: Hey, I know you want to see them. I’ll even put Orioles ice cream helmets on their heads to keep them topical.
  • Hot Stove coverage: Yeah, that’ll start up around December or so when that heats up. Nobody enjoys the stress associated with that, so I’ll try to keep my posts regarding it funny.

Don’t you worry, baseball fans, just because it’s the offseason here doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun! Sit back and enjoy the ride on CCY until Spring Training starts up again!

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