Well, This Is Awkward: Easton vs. Rawlings Edition

So…we all know I love twitter. Sometimes, though, people make poor choices re: the tweets they send out. We all do it. It’s worse when it comes from someone behind a corporate twitter. The newest offender: Easton Baseball.

Whoever handles the tweets for the sporting goods company sent this out from their account earlier today:

I mean, VMI played well and we still came away with wins so I don’t think it matters how many runs were scored, but okay.

The Gamecocks’ have one more year left in a contract with Rawlings, who apparently caught wind of Easton’s tweet, because they sent out one of their own later in the day:

This whole situation really never should have happened. Pitcher Michael Roth agrees:

I guess it’s good to have people vying for your affection, but this was the wrong way to go about it. Stay classy, Rawlings.

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