Welcome To The Frank Martin Era, Gamecocks

Photo via Gamecocks Online.

Frank Martin was officially introduced as the head coach of the South Carolina’s men’s basketball team today following the Board of Trustees’ approval of his contract.

His contract is worth $12.8 million, and the first year is worth $1.9 million. The second and third years will be worth $2 million and the final three years are worth $2.3 million. If he leaves, his buyout starts at $4 million.

Almost everyone views this as a slam dunk (ha!) hire for the Gamecocks. After the last few years, which featured a program with a lot more losses than wins and a lack of interest from the fanbase, Martin will want – and need – to make an impact quickly.

Martin comes to Columbia from Kansas State, where he was from 2007 until today. He became the head coach of KSU in 2008 and his teams won 21 games or more every year. They have made three straight NCAA tournament appearances, and Martin’s record as the head coach was 117-54 overall.

He’s a hardcore guy, and he said today that his team will be the hardest working guys in America. He’s been known as an imposing and intense figure, but that’s something we could probably use. We likely won’t be a Big Dance participant next year, but we there’s plenty of reason to believe the Cocks will be making it far in the next few seasons.

Martin will be the 32nd head coach of men’s basketball at South Carolina, which enters its 105th season as a varsity sport in 2012-13.

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