Weird Wednesday Morning Blitz

What weird stuff is happening in the NFL this week?

The good stuff:

Colin Kaepernick + Russell Wilson = AWESOME. Someone sign me up.

Target now carries shirts designed by NFL players. This one’s my favorite, but you can find them, swag and all, here.

target AR

The crazy stuff: 

Mike Bianchi thinks the Jacksonville Jaguars should hire Tim Tebow (“the city’s most famous and favorite son”) after their embarrassing 28-2 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday. I’m just disappointed he missed an obvious chance to use a prodigal son reference.

Kevin Hart is a misogynist. And so are 6,983 + 1,771 other people on Twitter. Surprise!

kevin hart tweet

Speaking of awfulness on Twitter, Samantha Steele, ESPN sideline reporter, got this tweet after husband Christian Ponder’s poor performance on Sunday.


I’d love to set this 7-year old Jets fan on Twitter user “Mikeford and Sons.” Yeah he’s an obnoxious fan who will probably get punched in the next 5-10 years, but we could put that obnoxious banter to good use!

And finally, the Onion reports that three years after the scandal, Jenn Sterger is still recieving lewd texts from Brett Favre. How long do you think they’ve been waiting to post that?

Happy Wednesday!


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer to Aerys Offsides. Keep her posted on anything weird in the NFL on Twitter: @ebritter2.


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