Weird Wednesday Morning Blitz

What up weirdos? Let’s blitz.

The good stuff:


32 worst NFL tattoos. I really do love cheese though.

Middle School football has never been cooler than in Tuesday Night Lights.

“Coach, I don’t know what any of that means.” — A running back, after being told we’re about to run a 27 Dive

Me neither buddy, but I don’t play middle school football. (I just compile weird NFL pictures every week!)

2packers wedding

Packers wedding WIN! What…no cheese tattoos?

2Prince-AmukamaraThis is Prince Amukamara. Some people call him “the black Tim Tebow.” Why? There are actually quite a few similarities. Why Prince needs a nickname is beyond me though. He is named PRINCE. He’s actually a prince!

The good and the bad:

Joe Flacco’s wife had a baby! Unfortunately, Joe wasn’t there. He received the call about his newborn son between warm-ups and the game against the Browns on Sunday.


Are you sitting down for this? The Manning vs. Manning game this Sunday was really successful for TV (namely, CBS). Why is that good and bad? It’s bad because I forgot to watch. And I love the Mannings!

The bad:

The NFL is set to raise prices on elite Super Bowl tickets. The NFL’s all: we’re the NFL and we do what we want!

Former Bronco Nate Jackson took HGH. Why is this news? He wrote a book about it.

2helmetTake a good look at this picture. It may be the last time you see the Bucco Bruce throwback helmets from the Bucs. The League has urged the team not to use the helmets for safety reasons. While some people debate the moral dilemma behind the dangers of football, I just want to know why this is a big deal. These dudes aren’t on the field to be fashionable.

“There simply was no acceptable way to meet the requirements of the new policy while staying true to the spirit of our throwback theme” says the Bucs.

Seriously? I’m sure you can think of something. And if you can’t, you’re welcome to pay me a million dollars to think of something for you.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She tweets about Chiefs games and sometimes the Manning brothers @ebritter2.

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