Weekend Thoughts

Happy Saturday! Much has happend of late and while I have watched it, part of me feels like I have missed a ton of stuff. Mainly because of stupid work and the long hours there.

However, I have been mostly able to keep up with the White Sox. That is always a plus. Of course, that has also given me a little bit of time to think about things and have thoughts on stuff happening with this team.

And I will share those with you this fine Saturday before heading off into my day and later on some baseball to enjoy because, dammit, the White Sox are FUN to watch right now. And not in a “fun bad” way, but in a real, honest to goodness, competitive manner.

The team has won nine games in a row. Aside from winning that many games, they’ve done something really cool in this streak.

They haven’t done it by feasting on NL teams. They have done this against division rivals and other AL teams.

Sure, they did sweep the other Chicago team in the first round of interleague play, but it was before this current streak.

The team is also learning how to win at home. Before last night, they had won five of six at home. Before that streak, the team was just laying eggs at home. Hopefully this kind of goodness continues.

Of course, from recent comments from players and coaches, it *might* help if fans actually started to show up at the ballpark. There has been enough discussed about it elsewhere. Admittedly, I personally haven’t gone to many games given work, but I am always counted in attendance given that I’ve already bought tickets for all the games.

In any event, if you have some spare time, I would suggest you get out to the park. Today there is a replica Carlton Fisk statue giveaway. Though, giveaways shouldn’t be a motivator to get you to go see a FIRST PLACE BASEBALL TEAM playing amazing baseball.

Have a great day and before you run off on your day, go read this great recap of an interview with Jared Mitchell. As you know, often we Sox bloggers get a chance to have calls with some front office people and players in the minor league system. Yesterday the call was with Jared Mitchell. Thanks to U-God at South Side Sox for the transcript of the call.

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