Wednesday Morning Blitz: There ain’t no party like a Gronk party

Happy Hump Day! And I don’t mean that as sarcastically as I usually do, because this Blitz is full of awesome news.

Most importantly, Gronk’s first annual women’s football clinic was a success, and my new favorite person, @Lana, documented it all brilliantly.

Yes, there was a dance-off. And Zubaz pants. And so much more (full details from Lana here)!

gronk party tweet

 And while we’re on awesome tweets, James Van Der Beek wins my vote for tweet of the week:

jvdb packers tweet

Quick round-up of other news:

  • The KC Chief’s Dwayne Bowe was arrested for marijuana possession. Ugh. Idiot.
  • Jon Gruden doesn’t know how to pronounce Ryan Tannehill’s name. Yep, there’s a supercut of mispronunciations.

And thanks to Grantland, I leave you with this:

awful qb

Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. Next year she should definitely go to Gronk’s Lady Camp and tweet about it @ebritter2.

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