Wednesday Morning Blitz: The Best of Training Camp

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya Wednesday. Today’s Blitz is a doozy.

We’ve got idiotic tweets:

darren rovell tweet

And perfect tweets (and don’t worry, there are gifs too!):

ice cream tweet

Best day at training camp ever or what?!

The Packers, not to be out-done by the Ravens, had their own fun at training camp:

packers biking

Can I ride your bicycle? I want to ride your bike! (more pictures here of course).

Also at training camp, the Atlanta Falcons love the environment as much as they hate the New Orleans Saints (if you’re a Brees fan, you’ll love this response) :

drew brees the environmentalist

Hallelujah for pre-season!

And finally, a shout-out to this amazing Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who is also an Iraq veteran. She makes this Wednesday twice as great!


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She tweets about ice cream (and running after ice cream trucks) constantly @ebritter2.


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