Wednesday Blitz: The best news of your week

You know what your week needs? This picture of a baby dressed up as Andy Reid.


In case you want to (or already do) hate the Chiefs and their 8-0 season, look at that picture, and then read this story about how defender Tamba Hali left a $1000 tip at a restaurant last week. The only thing to hate about the Chiefs is that Tony Gonzalez hasn’t been traded back!

You know what else your week needs? The knowledge that the Gronkowskis are pitching an animated TV show about themselves. I desperately want this to not be animated.

Missed some of the trades that took place yesterday? Don’t worry, SI breaks it down for you as it happened.

And finally, in case the world’s most adorable baby isn’t good enough for your Wednesday, here’s Tom Brady and wife Gisele as The Cowardly Lion and Dorothy for Halloween:

Tom Brady Halloween


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