Wednesday Morning Blitz: Super Bowl Talk!

Have you purchased the ingredients for your famous chili yet? Only four days until the Super Bowl!

In Super Bowl news:

  • manningsBroncos QB Peyton Manning isn’t ready to retire. 
  • Kurt Warner doesn’t like the cold.
  • If you’re an ex-NFL player looking for cash, book a pre-Super Bowl appearance. New York is bursting with appearances as it gears up for the game.
  • Prices for the Super Bowl are dropping, but not necessarily because of the cold. One broker says the “teams are not sexy.” So if you have $1,400 lying around and still think Peyton is sexy despite that broker’s opinion, now’s your chance.

In other news,

  • NFL cheerleading is coming under fire as cheerleaders speak up about the conditions they faced. Is it a scam? What does the handbook say?
  • The Dolphins’ owner hints that Richie Incognito and Jonathon Martin will not be returning to the team next year.

And in the best news, Bad Lip Reading of the NFL is back!

Happy Wednesday!


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She’ll be visiting Super Bowl Boulevard in NYC this week. For updates and pictures of the puppies from the Puppy Bowl, follow @ebritter2.

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