Wednesday Morning Blitz: Not Over the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may be over, but we’re not finished talking about it.

  • John Elway got a little fiery at his end of the year press conference yesterday. 
  • Demaryius Thomas made 13 catches for the Broncos on Sunday, all with a separated shoulder.
  • What did we learn from Super Bowl 48? Here are 10 takeaways.
  • Not only is Russel Wilson hanging out with David Letterman, but he’s now sitting court-side with Bey and Jay-Z.

And now we must talk about the offseason.

  • Will the Seattle Seahawks change much in the offseason?
  • What about all those other teams? Here’s 10 more stories for your offseason.
  • Is everyone going to focus on defense in 2014? ESPN says Seattle’s win will change the NFL.
  • Tell me more about the free agency. Whose the hottest player to watch?

Happy Wednesday! (Thanks NFL Memes)

Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She routinely hangs out with Queen Bey…on Twitter…@ebritter2 (she wishes!).

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