Wednesday Morning Blitz: Mostly Shirtless Men

What’s that, it’s Wednesday already? Sorry I didn’t notice, I was too busy staring at this:

kaep poseIn case you’re blind, that’s 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Now might be a good time to join Instagram or start saving money for ESPN’s Body Issue.

I’m definitely ready for football season now. So is the NFL, apparently, as they released the preseason schedule yesterday.

ESPN is also ready for football season (and not just because it can show more shirtless players). Yesterday, they announced a new show to start in August called “NFL Insiders” which focuses on NFL news stories and information. So basically what I do here, but with less shirtless men? The catch is that former players and coaches aren’t allowed in the treehouse on the show. NFL32 has been cut to make room for this insider take on the league. (How many times am I allowed to mention shirtless players before my non-existent football guru status is revoked?)

What are NFL players allowed to do since they can’t be on ESPN’s new show? They can become boxers! At least that’s what former Minnesota Vikings/Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Ray Edwards did. In this interesting interview, he asserts that boxing is actually safer than football. His ideas sure do pack a punch.

ray edwards

That’s right, some of us don’t discriminate in our usage of former NFL players. Bonus points go to anyone who can read what that belt says (it’s not “6 pack” because I already tried that).

Because it’s Wednesday and you need something to get you over the hump, I’ll leave you with two links. One is for shirtless football players on Tumblr, as this Blitz has taken a drastic turn in that direction. And the second is for the Tumblr “Sports Balls Replaced with Cats” which is exactly what it sounds like:

football cats

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She never tweets about shirtless athletes (yeah right!) at @ebritter2.

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