Wednesday Morning Blitz: Cats and Tattoos

Welcome to Wednesday, where I question what constitutes as news about the NFL in this traumatizing time known as the start of preseason.

Times are desperate my friends. This guy went so far as to classify what cats would be best at different football positions.


This picture has very little to do with the above article. I just like it.

Remember that time last year that Aaron Rogers stood up for Ryan Braun and now he looks silly? Oops.

Speaking of looking silly, CBS Sports reported that the NFL has considered using draftees’ tattoos as a background check. Uh-oh:


But what does it mean??

Let’s hope this idea gets squashed at the meeting of the NFL and the NFL players association today. But it seems unlikely since testing for human growth hormone is what’s actually on the agenda.

Here are some preseason predictions for you. I’m a little upset Hard Knocks wasn’t mentioned.

And finally, in the most exciting news you will hear today, the NFL wants team doctors to say hello to game officials before games. You heard it here first folks! Happy Wednesday.


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She would like to get enigmatica tattoos to confuse NFL officials and tweet about them @ebritter2.

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