Wednesday Blitz: Gronk-Tinis For Ladies and More

Gronk FaceHappy Hump Day Everyone!

Got a few things to talk with you all about so, let’s start with a favorite. That’s right. GRONK!

If “Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women’s Clinic” doesn’t sound like a great time then maybe the stipulation that you must 21 years old and the fact that there will be Gronk-tinis might change your mind.


For $99, you’ll get to spend three hours learning football at Harvard Stadium with the All-Pro Tight End. Here are some of the event attractions:  Learn from and Interact with Rob; receive a limited edition Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women’s Clinic T-Shirt; an exclusive Clinic Team Photo with Rob; an authentic Rob Gronkowski autograph; access to beer, wine, Gronk-tinis, and food; coffee and dessert following clinic; an opportunity to participate in contests and win prizes; and have yourself a fun and educational experience.

Sign Me Up. Please!

Seriously, this event just sounds amazing on paper.

Plus. I just have to know what’s in a Gronk-tini. Any guesses?

In other news from around the league:

* Jeff Garcia has reached out to the Cleveland Browns letting them know he’s ready play. Yeah Jeff. OK. I would expect to see Tim Tebow in a Browns uniform before seeing Garcia back on the gridiron for them. As mentioned in the story. Jeff is 43 and hasn’t thrown a pass in-game since George W. Bush was president. That was a long time ago, y’all!

* The St. Louis Rams made a couple of moves Tuesday to help alleviate some of the pain caused by the injury of quarterback Sam Bradford. No. Not Tebow! They will bring back Austin Davis, who spent the 2012 season with the Rams. They will bring in veteran QB Brady Quinn. Davis and Quinn will serve as back ups to Kellen Clemens.

* I know this is going to surprise you. But guess what? Apparently, the New York Jets tipped off officials that they needed to be watchful of the New England Patriots use of an illegal pushing technique on field goals. Yup. I know. Shocker. The Patriots were penalized and it did end up costing them the game as the Jets won 30-27. Here’s the story from ESPN. Also, here’s a pretty funny meme about it!

From NFL Memes


Enjoy your Wednesday!

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