Waiver Draft cursing: RSL Get Grossman

RSL selected former Columbus Crew player Cole Grossman in the waiver draft this year, and apparently they weren’t the only ones who wanted him. General manager, Garth Lagerwey, addressed some fans at a WinterFest being¬†held at Rio Tinto stadium earlier this month:

“I’ll tell you a story. Before the waiver draft, the GM from Columbus and I were speaking, and he really said a lot of positive things. I thought, ‘That’s great, he being polite and nice,’ and he recommended Cole. We made our own evaluation and selected Cole in the waiver draft a couple weeks ago, and the way these things work is you do a conference call, you call into a number, and one team is on the clock, then the next, etc. So we picked Cole Grossman, and in the background of the call we hear… uh well I’m not going to repeat the word, but a colorful profanity coming from the line, and clearly some other team felt Cole could have benefitted their team. Then within twenty minutes, we had a team call and ask what we wanted for Cole. We were doing an Adidas miCoach thing in Phoenix a couple days ago, and Mike Lapper, the assistant from Columbus came up to me, and went out of his way to tell me how high they were on Cole Grossman as well. Seems like a personality conflict a little bit with the head coach there, everybody else in that organization is raving about this kid, we have teams trying to trade for him. You don’t hear that too often about a waiver guy.”

That’s pretty encouraging to know someone was cursing over the fact they couldn’t get him first, and I can’t wait to see what Cole can contribute to us!

Photo Credit to thecrew.com

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